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Si prega di prendere posto, allacciare le cinture perché se ci fossero ancora dubbi sulla differenza che intercorre tra un album da ascoltare ed uno da avere, ogni nuova release dei Mop Mop ci fornisce sempre risposte risolutive sull'argomento.

Per la precisione il 06 di Maggio.

Mop Mop continue their journey through musically wide open spaces and places. Refining their sound even more, creating an unique and deep atmosphere based on the idea of traditional Gnawa rhythms mixed with a heavy Dub-Jazz-Funk pulse. They left the „isle Of Magic“ – but the magical experience of their music and vibe gets even more exciting . . .

The whole album has been recorded in five excellent studios located in Berlin and Ravenna using vintage analog equipment for he bliss of a warm sound, which can only be achieved by using analogue tape in the end.
"Lunar Love" is Mop Mop’s fifth studio album and it turns out to be Benini’s best work to date, deep and sometimes dark, but uplifting, very soulful and very original at the same time. Combining his afro american jazz background with a tribal offbeat approach and a wonderful story on top. Reaching out to a state of trance which feels very good once you let yourself go. 

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