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Noi figli degli anni '90 non possiamo rimanere indifferenti.
Perché si può dire tutto, che siano dei cazzoni, arroganti e presuntuosi, che dal vivo siano una mezza fregatura, che in confronto ai Blur perdano su tutta la linea, ma quelle melodie lì, rimangono quelle melodie lì.
E non c'è nulla da fare: finché muori non te le scordi più.

Sfido chiunque, anche i più feroci antagonisti di genere, a dire il contrario.



- Frequenze news -

Immaginate di trovarvi in un deserto.
Fa fottutamente caldo.
Attorno solo sabbia e cactus succulenti.
Poi all’improvviso....un oasi: palme, frescura, un tripudio di colori. Ecco, questo disco ha dentro tutto questo: mistero e tristezza, romanticismo e psichedelia.

Dal 06/12 su Leng Records



- Frequenze news -

E se ci fosse qualcosa da aggiungere, fatelo da voi.


- Frequenze clothing -

Before you ask, we are sorry to say that these amazing trainers aren't available for purchase, but if there's sufficient demand, who knows? We'd all certainly wear them!

The story behiond their creation is told by their maker, Benji Blunt:

"Around five years ago I took up a new hobby. I had been a teacher and DJ and found myself as a stay at home dad with a young boy and a baby boy. Always needing to be doing something creative, like an itch that needs a scratch; I painted an adidas Superstar 80s in my size.
I had chosen the Trojan Records label as my theme as I was a great fan of the iconography and the output of the label. It was my intention to wear them, but I was always too scared to. I really liked them and that made it hard to put a crease in them.
Ultimately, I decided that I should give them to someone who would appreciate and wear them.
I managed to get the guys at eatmoreshoes and Trojan to come together and raise a few quid for charity, by auctioning them.
I made a few more last year on different silhouettes, and the Pumas are one of those pairs.
I painted the canvas vamp and added details to the heel badge.
I made a new tongue with Jimmy Cliff centre, guns blazing! Even printed up some 7" slip mats. My mate at BboyLaces came through with some extra laces that I put custom aglets on. I have stored away my paintbrushes now, in favour of hammer and pliers.
I'm retraining as a bespoke shoemaker and I'm hoping to make some handmade Trojan shoes in the future.
Hopefully I won't be too scared to wear those!"
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