- Frequenze Soul -

"Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators have matured on this record, giving us beautiful soul music that the legends would be proud of. They carry the musical torch on like a beacon through the dark night and anchor right near our hearts."
DJ Prestige, Flea Market Funk, USA

"For dancers, listeners & lovers, this is the real deal - a magnificent lesson in true soul music."  Jazzman Records, UK

"If a fine wine gets better with time then Nicole Willis and The Soul Investigators have developed a perfectly matured sound with a timeless aesthetic."
DJ Skeme Richards, Hot Peas & Butta, Philly/USA

"Subtle textures, catchy hooks and unexpected chords that you grow to love mixed with classic pop soul sensibilities. Things get very special when it slows down and goes deep, ESSENTIAL."
DJ Fryer, AOTN Records, UK

"This is the timeless soul album. It is happiness of all that can feel this soul in the 21st century. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators bring the best sound by the best combination in the world." Ryuhei The Man

"Now I know what SOUL means today. It's Nicole Willis. It's Soul Investigators. It's this album. There's nothin' but SOUL."
Yusuke, Universounds, Tokyo, Japan

Questo autunno tornano Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators con il terzo lavoro ‘Happiness In Every Style’, disponibile dal 2 Ottobre per Timmion records. Nicole Willis è unica nel mescolare soul, r&b, blues e funk, potente come Lauryn Hill e originale come Etta James, Nina Simone e Sharon Jones. ‘Happiness In Every Style’ è un album che non potrà farvi restare fermi e brani come ‘Let’s Communicate’ e ‘One In A Million’ sono pura dinamite.

Ed ora, meglio lasciar parlare la musica.

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