- Frequenze Compilation -

Chiamatelo sesto senso, chiamatelo culo, chiamatelo come volete, i miei sensi di ragno mi dicevano che qualcosa stava bollendo in pentola.
E infatti il 21 Ottobre succederà qualcosa di grosso.
Sir David Holmes tornerà a fare qualcosa che gli riesce molto bene: compilare brani in successione.

“I walk a lot. It’s amazing for listening to music: your phone or your emails aren’t going and you’re just in the forest listening to music. It’s so intimate. Anyway, I was listening to the KLF’s Chill Out album, which still sounds amazing, but it triggered an idea with concrete sounds through travelling and movement. And one of the things I was trying to do was to use this idea not just break up the moods but also as a metaphor for moving through life and arriving in different destinations or arriving at different stages in different parts of your life. Memory, Love, Living, Family, Friendship, Healing, Death and The Afterworld are some of the themes I wanted to explore within this record. Although these strong themes and tracks are personal to me, I also wanted it to be a great listen that was unpredictable yet had a seamless flow - a journey that was personal to me yet to the listener a great compilation of music that they may or may not have heard before. I hope I’ve succeeded in the later.”

David Holmes, 2016

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