- Frequenze compilation -

Prendetela come nuda e cruda rassegna stampa perchè il personaggio/musicista Nils Frahm non lo conosco, ma conoscendo bene la serie, posso tranquillamente consigliarvene se non l'acquisto, almeno l'ascolto. Super rilassato a quanto pare scorrendo la tracklist.
Ora, parola all'autore:

"I’ve really got off on working on compilations lately. It’s such a wonderful way to delve deep into your music collection. My flat is now crammed with music media of all stripes, from an old hand-cranked 78 phonograph player to 45s and albums on vinyl, my beloved old cassette tape collection, even mini-disks and, lately, WAV and MP3s. It’s all music to me. After spending hours recording from all of these diverse sources, I started to play around with the tunes, layering them, sampling, looping certain parts, extracting phrases and using all the freedom that this allowed me. If I got a little carried away or stepped on anyone’s toes in my quest to do something interesting and original, then I apologise. Some things may have accidentally landed on the wrong speed, while other spooky happening have occurred along the way, whether it’s ghostly additions of reverb and delay or simply subtle edits or reproductions, they've all gone into the magical stew I've tried to create for your pleasure and edification. I can’t tell you how much fun I've had creating this compilation for you but, suffice to say, I hope it will be a nice journey for your mind and heart."
- Nils Frahm, May 2015

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