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"Vinyl Kills Mp3 is a vision, a message, a statement & a community. We’re djs, fans, musicians, collectors & audiophiles. Over the last few years we’ve seen the decline of the “old school” music industry & the emergence of new methods of spreading music. Good or bad, who knows yet? One fact is that this has impacted the vinyl industry: shops, studios and factories have been closing around us. Some might say this is normal market evolution, we say it’s sad. Nevertheless we keep enjoying music as we always have.
Our goal here is to offer a medium to keep people aware of what’s going on in this industry and in our passion. We want to share our knowledge and to provide news about artists, records, products, the future & the evolution of the industry.
We love vinyl; we love its sound, we love its shape & we love the feel of it in our hands…"

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